Our Mission

To change the way Americans plan for their financial future

Our Vision

To build the world’s best consumer financial education and empowerment company.

Synergy Financial Partners is an independent financial services company

We are dedicated to building an innovative movement in the areas of life insurance, living benefits, retirement planning, and financial education.

Built upon our visionary leader, Jeff Huggins, we are changing the way Americans view and use the vehicle of life insurance to much more than just taking care of loved ones after one’s passing.

Our philosophy is based around five keys to putting your financial house in order:


Ensure Proper Protection

In the event of death, or critical / chronic illness


Emergency Fund

3-6 months income set aside


Eliminate Debt

Pay off credit cards and eliminate installment debt


Save for Retirement

Shielded Money Strategies to maximize retirement and minimize risk with the most tax advantages


Increase Cash Flow

Start a part-time business to build an additional income stream for your family